Simulate when market uncertainty will impact your supply chain.

Tier-N supply chain mapping, "what-if" scenario simulations for contracts and cost verification all in one powerful platform.
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Leading organisations

Thrive in uncertain market conditions.

Empower procurement and supply chain teams to identify, manage and mitigate market risks in time to stop them.
Supply chain mapping
Make it simpler than ever to discover sub-tier and tier-N supply chains.
"What-If" scenarios
Simulate how market changes around the world could affect your business.
Cost verification
Analyse every invoices and timesheet in minutes to verify costs before you pay.
Supply chain mapping

Discover every supply chain layer.

With Booly, you can make supply chain transparency part of your DNA and continuously map every layer effortlessly.

Supply chain mapping.

Automate supply chain mapping with cascading invites that reach every layer of the supply chain and share the right data between tiers. Collaborate with your suppliers to create a detailed map of critical dependencies and weak links.

"What if" scenarios.​

Simulate the impact of events that will affect your business. From rapid inflation and geopolitical conflicts to climate change and recessions, Booly let’s you stress-test your supply chain’s resilience.

Cost verification.

Analyse invoice and timesheet data from your ERP system in minutes to verify costs. Booly’s AI-powered cost verification tools have helped others reduce costs by up to 15%.

About simulations

Simulate. Assess. Collaborate.

With Booly you can simulate the effect on the 3 most important areas of vulnerability to identify and mitigate risks earlier.

Market uncertainty
Simulate the impact of macro economic, geopolitical and marketplace risks.
Contract cost
Simulate how and when market uncertainty will affect contract costs.
Supplier financials
Forecast supplier's financials to understand their risk tomorrow.
Risk management

Track. Manage. Mitigate.

Risk management that goes beyond RAG statuses. Take decisive actions and collaborate with suppliers to identify ways to reduce risk exposure.

Track resilience.

Collect every identified risk in one place, with automated monitoring and 

Collaborate & mitigate.

Request information about risk mitigations, assurances, and work with suppliers to mitigate risks collaboratively.


Supply chain planning that's resilient by design.

Booly let's you monitor and manage your entire supply chain's compliance effortlessly .

Data-driven intelligence that connects the enterprise.

Identifying how changes in the marketplace will affect you and planning how to respond to them before they happen build the resilience you need to succeed. 

Reimagine supply chain risk management.

Market risks

Geopolitical events

Supply vulnerability

Financial health

Inflation and prices

Supply chain resilience

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Make supply chain resilience part of every process, contract and order.
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Improve supply chain resilience.

We help companies understand how to navigate uncertain market conditions. Speak to an expert to learn more about the tools and data you can use to boost your supply chain’s resilience.