Spot supply chain and third-party risks in time to stop them.

Vendor assessments and What-If scenarios to stress-test, measure and improve supply chain resilience. Booly is data-powered SCRM.
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How it works

Plan for the unknown.

Booly lets you simulate how market changes around the world will affect your business.
Risk assessments
Create and share risk assessments with suppliers, vendors and partners in minutes.
Scenario planning
Create "what-if" scenarios to estimate the impact of events onto your business.
Resilience management
Plan, manage and monitor resilience through automated real-time risk registers and alerts.

Assess. Simulate. Collaborate.

With Booly, you can plan how to reduce risk within your supply chain. Survey, estimate and plan the impact of events before they happen.

Third-party risk assessments.

Quickly send suppliers requests to provide updates and assurances on risks that your think will affect your contract.

"What if" scenarios.​

From cost inflation to supply disruptions, Booly gives you simple controls to simulate the impact of events that matter to you.


Define your risk treatment strategy and set policies to generate tailored actions to reduce risk within contracts and categories.

Risk registers.

Track every risks, monitor the evolution over time and receive automated alerts to manage your entire supply chain’s resilience in one place. 


Supply chain planning that's resilient by design.

Booly let's you monitor and manage your entire supply chain's compliance effortlessly .

Create your own or use inbuilt best practice questionnaires for

Supplier risk scores


Market risks

Supply vulnerability


ESG compliance

Inherent risks

Fraud prevention

and more...

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